DASH7 evaluation kit

A development kit consisting of the Push7 sensor device and the IOWAY gateway. The sensor device contains many different sensors, transmits these sensors values with DASH7 and is reprogrammable with open source software. The gateway receives the data from the Push7 boards and publishes this to an MQTT broker using a Wi-Fi connection.

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Push7 Sensor
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IOWAY Gateway
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On-board sensors






Hall effect


Long distance communication in any environment

Long battery life, Rechargeable with a Micro-USB cable

Reprogrammable with open source software without special tools



The used open source stack which runs on the Push7 and IOWAY Read more..


DASH7 wireless communication

The communication protocol used by the Push7 and IOWAY. Read more..



Messaging protocol used by the IOWAY gateway to forward the data from the Push7 to the internet. Read more..


Home Assistant integration

The IOWAY publishes the data to MQTT. The chosen format allows easy auto discovery integration with the MQTT broker of Home Assistant Read more..

Example use cases

The combination of the wide variety of sensors and easy integration with home automation systems allow for many applications


Get notified when a door is opened using the hall effect sensor

Light automations

Turn on the light when a movement is detected.

Climate monitoring

Monitor temperature/humidity/light level in any room. 

Push7 battery lifetime estimation

Our Products
with PIR

€ 74,99
€ 84,99

A devkit containing all sorts of sensors, three buttons and DASH7 communication while being battery powered and rechargeable. By default, the devkit contains a program able to send all relevant sensor data over DASH7 with configurable interval settings. The power consumption of the device is very low and the lifetime for the default application is about 1 year. All of this in a small form factor contained in a custom 3D printed enclosure allowing access to the buttons and USB port.


€ 59,99

This development kit is designed to facilitate the connection of various external sensors using DASH7 technology. It provides access to all micro-controller pins and features a charging circuit for battery power, as well as an FTDI for USB-based serial communication. Its versatility allows you to attach a wide range of sensors to suit your needs.


€ 64,99

A gateway translating DASH7 messages to Wi-Fi or ethernet. The module can be powered over USB and Power over Ethernet. The default firmware will send this in JSON format over MQTT but both microcontrollers are also fully programmable over USB.

DASH7 evaluation kit

€ 134,99

A all-in-one kit containing a Push7 and IOWAY

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